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Tips for Finding Reputable Process Servers

law officeProcess servers can make life easier for the legal profession, if chosen correctly. Choosing the wrong one can result in disaster. It is important to make the right choice for you that will you will feel completely at ease with.

Get a Free Consultation

Many process serving firms offer a free consultation as a way for both parties to understand what the other has to offer. Trust your intuition at these meetings. Make a list of pertinent questions and feel free to ask them during the meeting. A solid relationship between law firm and process server is vital to the entire process. Only choose a company that puts you at ease.

Visit The Firm

You can tell a lot about a company by how it maintains its interior and exterior building. Is it well maintained, clean, landscaped, and free of clutter? Do the process servers look professional and well-groomed? Are you comfortable with their appearance? Your first impression of them must be in line with how you want to be represented yourself.

Call Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Ask if they know about any reputable process servers. Reputable process servers will more than likely be members. Members love referring other members.

Start Networking

Engage in both online and offline networking. Networking is a fantastic way to find process servers and meet other business professionals. Introduce yourself to the group and casually state what you are looking for.

Ask For Referrals

Any business professional knows that the best kind of advertising is word-of-mouth. So, ask your friends, work associates, social media circles, and other contacts for referrals to competent process servers. Perhaps you can post a question on your social media accounts. When you receive feedback, ask what is likable about the firm.


Implementing these tips will save time, money, and frustration in finding reputable process servers.