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Terms & Conditions

We do require pre-payment for all new Clients. It is our hopes that you are more than satisfied with our services and continue to utilize our unique talents. If you start to use our services on daily or weekly basis, we can extend the courtesy of Invoicing you but if you are a one and done Client, or an out of state Client, pre-payment will always be required.


We do ask that your first payment to us be with a credit card. You can make a payment 24-7 on this website. Please note once an online payment is made, you are agreeing (and clicking the box) to our Terms & Conditions set forth by the Master Service Agreement Contract.

Port St. Lucie Office:
Accurate Serve®
1193 SE Port St. Lucie Blvd., Suite 326
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952
Okeechobee Office:
Accurate Serve®
1414 S. Parrott Ave., Suite 165
Okeechobee, FL 34974
Stuart Office:
Accurate Serve®
2336 SE Ocean Blvd., Suite 276
Stuart, FL 34996
Vero Beach Office:
Accurate Serve®
2046 Treasure Coast Plaza, Suite A-267
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Address & Attempts

Our service fee includes up to 4 attempts at an address, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the scenario – see below.

If we are given an address and we attempt it and on the first attempt, we can see the property is vacant, run down, abandoned, there is no point going back to the bad address 3 more times. That’s a broken record we’d prefer not to listen to.

On the flip side, our Servers are required to make an early AM attempt, a late PM attempt and a Saturday attempt. If our Servers have not met those criteria, we will send them back out for a 5th or 6th attempt until we have shown our diligence.

If we are given multiple addresses to attempt, we will gladly do so. Please be aware, there is a charge per subject per address. So, if we are given 4 different addresses to attempt, there will be 4 service fees on the Invoice.

We like our Clients to be happy with the service we provide. Process Serving is not a perfect science. We won’t get 100% of the subjects served, things will happen to lower that number slightly. I’d say we bat 96% or higher easily though. If your party is unable to be served, there is no refund. We need to charge our service fee to pay our Servers to attempt service. The only time we can offer a refund is if you, the client, cancels service before our Servers have gone knock Knock Knock. But once hand hits wood, we can’t refund, sorry.

Our team is the best in the business. Our support system is amazing. You want to hire a company that you can reply on. That’s us, trust us – you will like us until you fall in love with our service and then we both can have a Happy Ever After.

The Entity of Muscato II, Inc. dba Accurate Serve® of Port St Lucie and it’s franchisor, Winston Honore Holdings, LLC dba Accurate Serve® are released from any liability or claims that may arise out of using this service.


Our Process

So, how many process serving companies do you know that can boast they have 29 offices in Florida? I know one, and I’ll give you a hint. Sounds like Smaccurate Sherve. All joking aside, our bountiful locations allows us to provide in-house service statewide. We do not need to farm our papers out to other companies because we have Accurate Serve offices all over the state. The more offices we have, the better service we can offer and at a lower rate. Our Accurate Serve team are experts in the field. Our state association recognizes certain individuals who are experts in the field and over 20% of those recognized are AS Owners/Operators or Office Managers.

Are you a prospective new client? If so, you probably want to know how quick we serve the papers and the cost. Please, pick up the phone and shoot us a call to discuss the situation/fees. Or, look towards the top of this page and find the Send Work tab. We have specific guidelines our company adheres to to ensure consistency across the board. We are on the timer like those fast food drive-throughs and we all want our numbers to be the lowest. We are here to work for you. Don’t search for another Server, hire us. Don’t try calling around, make one call to the last process Server you’ll ever need – Accurate Serve.


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