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Do I Need a Process Server?

Process servers, in general, are responsible for delivering legal documents to those who are involved in legal proceedings. These legal documents could be court summons, divorce papers, or any other important pieces of information.

Some people think, however, that they can save time and money by delivering any documents themselves. However, if you are involved in any sort of legal proceeding that requires a delivery of legal documents, you should always seek the help of a professional process server. Here is why.

Follow the Letter of the Law

Legal battles and court cases are often very high stakes. From divorces and custody battles to evictions and foreclosures, you have a lot of stake in the outcome of your legal proceedings. You obviously want to win your case, and the best way to do that is to follow the letter of the law.

Oftentimes, court cases can be close to being thrown out because of simple infractions or technicalities—like proper delivery of legal documents. There is a specific legal procedure involved in delivering legal papers, and if it is not followed, you could lose your case.

You need to hire a professional process server to serve all of your papers and documents pertaining to your court case to ensure that the proper procedures are followed. That way, you will rest easy knowing that the outcome of your case will not be affected by a simple mistake in basic procedures.

The small cost of hiring a professional process server will be much less than the loss of your court case.

Your court case is worth the investment of a process server and definitely worth the investment in an experienced and expert process server. Always check any and all credentials and licenses before hiring a process server in your state.