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What Happens If a Process Server Can’t Serve You?

You might think that if you avoid the process server for long enough, the legal case itself will just disappear. As nice as that may sound, it is absolutely delusional. Once a court case is filed against you, there is no magic action that will make it go away.

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what could happen if you continue to avoid a process server, this post is for you. We’ll go over the most common things that happen to defendants who try to avoid their cases.


You will definitely cause some delays if you choose to avoid the process server. Your court date may need to be rescheduled several times, which isn’t going to put you in the judge’s good graces.

Extra Costs

The extra costs will just start piling on as the court date is pushed back. Extra service of process fees, court clerk labor adjusting dates, and attorney fees can cause the case fees to skyrocket. So who pays all those extra costs? Well, if the reason the date continues to be pushed back is you avoiding the process server, don’t be surprised if the judge decides that you will be the one to pay.

Alternative Service

Eventually, after enough service attempts, the process server will be able to successfully request an alternative service. This may include serving someone close to you with your paperwork or posting about the legal issue in a local newspaper. Either way, alternative service qualifies as a valid service of process in Florida, even if you never lay eyes on it yourself.

Best Process Servers on the Treasure Coast

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