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Common Challenges Process Servers Face

Serving process here in Florida can be pretty challenging. Process servers face many obstacles when attempting to perform this basic legal function, some of which can be quite difficult to overcome. Some of the most common challenges process servers face while working include:

People Who Don’t Want to be Found

No one enjoys a visit from a process server. At best, you’re being called as a witness. At worst, you’re being sued. Either way, frustration is in your future. Some people deal with this impending stress by avoiding the process server. This is always a mistake and never actually results in them not having to appear in court. In fact, it could land them in jail…but that doesn’t stop people from trying. The extra time and effort that must be spent to try to locate people who don’t want to be found is by far a process server’s #1 challenge.

Bad Information

Process servers rely on being provided with accurate information from the client when attempting to serve a target. However, if that information is not correct, a lot of time could be wasted by tracking down leads that no longer exist, plus new information must be researched in order to find the target. This all adds time and expense to the court process and is inconvenient for everyone.


Violence is an unfortunate reality for process servers. Some people are so upset when they are served with civil suit paperwork that they react violently towards the process server or anyone else nearby. Process servers have even been killed while serving court process. Some organizations are working toward making violence against process servers are more serious crime, in line with violence against peace officers. Until that happens, process servers must always be safety-conscious while on the job.

Diligent Process Servers on the Treasure Coast

Sometimes, a process server’s job can be life-threatening, even though they provide a vital legal service. Our servers here at Accurate Serve® of Port St. Lucie know how to navigate the obstacles and get your process served quickly and competently. Call (772) 236-7214 or send us a work request online to find out how we can take the burden of the service of process off of your shoulders!