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The Importance of Proper Process Serving

process server2Process servers are responsible for serving legal notices, actions, and papers to individuals who have an interest in, or are parties to, a specific court case or legal proceeding. Since these issues can be complicated and the outcome of a case can literally depend on these processes being served correctly, it is usually a good idea to have these papers served by an accredited process server. This assures that the processes are served in a timely manner and in accordance with all of the courts requirements.

A process can be anything from a subpoena to appear as a witness to an order to bring specific physical evidence to a court proceeding. If you are not exactly sure of the procedure for serving a process, you probably should not be doing it on your own. You run the risk of losing your case if the witnesses are not properly served and the evidence is not brought to court.

While it is possible to serve a process yourself, the probability of you serving incorrectly or outside of a court’s deadline are very high. A professional process server deals with the complicated intricacies of court cases every day and is familiar with the deadlines, requirements, and procedures necessary to serve a process correctly.

Hiring a Process Server

When you are involved in a court case in Florida, or one that is outside of the state, it is very important that your process server be correct and precise while serving the process. A professional process server not only knows the Florida laws that pertain to a particular process, but they can familiarize themselves with regulations in other states before getting a process served in that other state. Don’t risk your entire case on the service of a subpoena or other process. Hire a professional process server and make sure it is done correctly.