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How Landlords Can Be Ready for Allowance of Evictions

The ban on evictions and foreclosures by the governor of Florida has left many landlords sitting without income. You have to move quickly to recoup your losses and to be able to pay your own mortgages and related maintenance costs, insurance costs, etc. The original stay on evictions ended on July 25, but the governor is considering extending the ban.

Still, you need to be ready to act quickly when the courts resume evictions. There are going to be a large number of small landlords filing evictions in the days immediately following the courts reopening for such cases. Small landlords with only a few properties usually don’t have the means to stay afloat without rent payments coming in. 

Being ready to file your evictions and get them served quickly is important, but there is an important step before you file — you must provide a three-day or seven-day notice to the tenants that you are planning on filing an eviction. There is no reason you can’t deliver these notices as soon as the order ends. If the stay on evictions is extended, you’ll likely have to do this step again. But if it isn’t, you’ll be prepared to file immediately after it becomes available.

You also need to be ready with your filings. Have all of the eviction papers and notices ready to go, so that as soon as you get word that the court is resuming eviction proceedings you can get your place in line on the docket. 

If you need help getting your eviction notice posted to your tenants, contact us today for assistance.

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