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Can People Be Served Process at Work?

There are many instances in which you might not be able to have someone served at home. Whether you are filing a case against a company or its representative, or you are filing a case against someone for whom you do not have a valid address of residence, sometimes other locations for service of process must be considered. Here’s what you need to know about serving process at work.

Is It Allowed?

In short, it is allowed by law and the rules that regulate process servers for them to serve anyone at their place of employment. Process servers do not have to get permission to serve papers at a place of employment. They can do so at any time that the business is open.

Is It Mandatory?

When a private process server goes to a place of employment, they will keep their business confidential. They will only tell the front receptionist or manager that they have a delivery for the individual. The employer can refuse to allow the employee to come to the front to take the delivery. In these cases, the process server might ask when the employee will be on a break so that they can catch them at that time.

Other Methods

Private process servers will do everything they can to serve papers in a personal and private capacity. They often will not go to a place of employment as a first resort. Instead, they will try to find the individual’s residential address in other ways. If they are unable to find the individual anywhere besides their workplace, process servers will have no qualms about serving papers at work.

If you have a legal matter that requires you to have papers served to an individual or company, and you don’t have a residential address for them, we can help you get them served in a timely manner. Contact us today for more information or to get started.

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