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Why You Need a Process Server in Florida

There are several situations in which you might find yourself needing a private process server in Florida. Most civil legal actions require service of process in order for your case to move forward. Here is why it is important to hire a registered process server for your case.

Benefits Over Sheriff

You do not have to have a private process server in Florida. You could have the sheriff’s department serve papers for you. This still comes with a cost, which is sometimes comparable to or more than a private process server. The advantage of a private process server is that service of process is all they do, which means that they can often get papers served faster than the sheriff’s department, which has many other more important duties.

Registered Process Servers

You need to make sure that papers are served according to all legal requirements and regulations. If you do not have proper service of process, it can delay your case or cause it to be dismissed. In the state of Florida, only a private process server registered with the courts or the sheriff’s department can legally serve papers. The only exception to this is that landlords may post three-day or seven-day eviction notices to the door without a private process server.

Risks of Improper Service

If you have improper service of legal papers, it can cause a number of things to happen in your legal case. The judge could order that service of process must be repeated and done correctly by an authorized process server. However, if service of process is handled improperly, the judge could order that your case be dismissed.

If you need a private process server to get your case moving forward, contact us today for more information or to get started.

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