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Why You Need a Process Server in Florida

Anytime you have a court case, you will likely need a process server. It may seem as though this hoop thrown up by the courts is a pain that you don’t want to deal with, but a private process server is an important part of the court process. Here’s why you need a process server to keep your case moving along.

Notification of a Case

In order for your court case to move successfully through the courts, the other party to your case must be notified for due process. Courts do not allow individuals to notify parties themselves for several reasons. When you use a process server, there is an uninterested third party to verify that notification of the case was served.


Many people who are served with court papers are not happy about it. In fact, some people are belligerent and may even become violent when they learn that there is a court case against them. Process servers are specially trained to deal with conflict of this nature. They are able to involve law enforcement when necessary and protect themselves from harm. If you were to try to serve the papers yourself, it could escalate into a very dangerous situation.


It is important that the other party to your case cannot claim that they didn’t know about the case or weren’t served properly. Sometimes people may claim that they were not served in order to get out of a judgement. In this case, it is important to have a third party that can verify that service of process was received by the party.

If you are looking for a professional and trustworthy process server for your case, contact us today for more information or to get started.

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