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How Process Servers Can Find People on Social Media

Process servers have to make use of all the tools at their disposal to find people who need to be served. Quite frequently, it can be difficult to find someone to serve them with court papers. People move, change jobs, or intentionally try to disappear. One of the most recent tools for process servers to use is social media. Social media can assist in getting people served quickly and accurately in many ways.

Learning City of Residence

Social media makes it easy to discover what city someone is living in. If the individual updates their profile after moving, you can usually see the city of residence even if they have their privacy settings so that you can’t see everything on their page without following them. Even if they do not update their city on their profile, if their profile is public you can see where they are when they post the most frequently, giving you a starting point.

Learning Employer

Many people update their Facebook accounts with their employer information. Sometimes this information is readily available, depending on their privacy settings. A good process server knows how to track down a social media profile and glean information from it. They may also be able to learn what hours the individual works based on their posts.

Learning Plans

Process servers do not just have to deliver papers to a residence or place of employment. If they know where to find the individual at any given time, they can track them down to that time and location. Knowing someone’s plans can help a process server discover where and when an individual can be found.

If you are going through a court case and aren’t sure where to find the other party, contact us today to get started. Our process servers can use social media and other tracking tools to locate hard to find individuals and get them served accurately and quickly.


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